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We believe that you deserve to be treated with respect and professionalism. It is a privilege for us to represent our clients. Each case gives us the opportunity to redress a wrong and help the community we serve. For these reasons we have assembled a team of trial lawyers, seasoned paralegals, litigation specialists, private investigators, field investigators, medical experts and forensic scientists to fight for you and against injustice.

Our offices provide legal services in the areas of personal injuries caused by vehicular accidents, dangerous premises (“slip and fall” claims) or animal attacks. We also help those who have suffered catastrophic injuries or brain damage due to an accident or a medical negligence, those injured in the workplace (Worker’s Compensation claims) and those accused of criminal conduct. We fight for those whose civil rights have been violated by the unlawful conduct of Federal, State or Local law enforcement. It is a privilege for us to defend victims of sexual abuse or sexual harassment, the elders who have been physically or psychologically abused at a nursing home or those injured by toxic torts. Our International Law Department handles international oil & gas joint ventures and international asset protection.

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